Other Services

Taxes: These are the taxes that all of us as citizens are obliged to pay for work carried out regardless of our legal status.

Divorce: Legal dissolution of a marriage at the request of one of the spouses, when the causes provided by law occur.

Paternity: Legal relationship between father and his son that generates a series of reciprocal rights and duties.

Testaments: Voluntary declaration of a person, expressing or wanting to be made with his assets after his death.

Wedding: Ceremony in which the marriage union of two people is celebrated through certain legal formalities.

Interpreter: It constitutes a judgment, an inference that a subject makes about the actions each others.

Maintenance: It is the pension or amount of monthly money that a father or mother who does not live with her children must contribute to the custodial father who resides with them for the maintenance of her.

Corporations: Creation of individual companies, companies or corporations.

Translation: It is the act of changing a document written in a language that is required.

Notary Public: Its function is to be a witness of the identity of the people, the veracity of their signatures or that they sign documents freely.

Credit Repair: It is done to obtain a necessary score at the time of acquiring a home, car, credit card or others.

Cleared Record: A criminal record expungement removes the arrest and / or conviction from a person’s criminal record entirely.